Portable air conditioner 12v roof car for trucks


Brand name: Modmastery

  • 12V air conditioning parameters: voltage: DC12V, voltage protection: 10V, current: 60-80A, rated input: 750W, cooling capacity: 8875btu/1800W, air flow: 600 cubic meters / hour, compressor: DC frequency conversion, outdoor unit size: 530*400*200mm (19kg), evaporator size: 455*355*165mm (6.5kg)
  • Parking air conditioning system It is a complete set of parking air conditioning system for vehicles, trucks, vans, campers, agricultural machinery. You can use AC power directly in your vehicle via electric power, or you can work on batteries. You don’t need to start the engine, it is very convenient and safe to sleep in the car at night. It has two parts, outdoor unit and indoor unit. This can help you install it more easily.
  • Often drivers leave the engine running for hours to use the air conditioner when parked or resting at night, which is bad for the environment, wastes a lot of fuel and wears out the engine faster. The parking air conditioner is powered by truck batteries and does not require an engine, saving energy and fuel while providing a safe and comfortable environment for the driver.
  • Wide range of uses, suitable for trucks, RVs, vans, passenger cars, excavators, agricultural vehicles, boats, engineering vehicles, etc.
  • DC compressor: high-efficiency DC integrated scroll compressor, the reason why it is called an integrated compressor, because the compressor controller is connected together, compared with other compressors, whether in terms of refrigeration efficiency or working efficiency, this compressor The compressor has nearly doubled the efficiency, which is better than the traditional split compressor refrigeration. Powered by an on-board battery, it keeps your cab cool even when the engine is off.