What Are the Differences between Real Human Hair and Synthetic Hair?

According to raw materials, wigs can divided into real human hair and synthetic hair. And what are the differences between them?


Real human hair can be treated just like your own natural hair. It can be straightened, permed, dyed, colored, bleached well. While synthetic hair cannot dyed light color or bleached, which would destroy it. It also cannot styled to look many different ways as human hair, except for heat resistant synthetic hair. Although the heat resistant fiber can be restyle, it was more difficult than human hair.

Quality & lifespan

Because synthetic hair is made out of synthetic fibres, it is cheaper and easily damaged than human hair. Some synthetic hair with low-temperate fibers are very easy burned. Generally synthetic hair can only last for few months or less with wrong treating, whereas real human hair can last one more year if they are well taken care of. Affordhair virgin human hair can last up to 2+ year with proper care and maintenance. Very full from the top to the end.

Lace style

Generally, Korean or Swiss lace is used for human hair, the permeability, perspiration performance and antibacterial activity of which is better than rough lace in synthetic hair.


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