Learn how to find your correct wig size

The secret to finding the perfect wig that fit securely maximum comfort and confidence involves finding your correct wig size. Not to mention, by measuring your head for the correct wig size, you’ll have the perfect fit for the most natural look possible.

We recommend you measure your head at least 3 times to ensure a proper fit. For more accurate measures, consider having someone else measure your head rather than do it by yourself.

Before beginning, you will need to pin your hair as flat and tight as possible to eliminate bulges that distort the head shape. Also use a cloth tape measure to ensure accuracy. Keep a paper and pencil handy to jot down your measurements in inches.

You will need to take three different measurements to find your wig size.

  1. Circumference
  2. Front to back
  3. Ear to ear

The step of measuring your own head

1. The circumference of your head:

Start at the front of your natural hairline. Then, follow your hairline to your ear, around to the back bend of your neck, up to your hairline to your second ear, and connect to your starting point in the front. The measurement should be over the ears and not on the ears.

The wig sizes for circumference are as follows:


2. From forehead to nape of neck:

Start at your hairline above your forehead in the center, then run the tape measure straight back over the crown to the base of your hairline at the bend of your neck.

The wig sizes for this measurement includes:


3. From Ear to Ear:

The final measurement you will need to take is from ear to ear. With this measurement, you’ll start at the top of one ear where your hairline begins, run the tape measure over your crown to the top of your second ear where your hairline begins.

For this measurement, the sizes are as follows:


Average/Standard size wigs tend to fit about 95% of customers. If you find your measurements are in between sizes, you will want to choose the size that corresponds to the largest measurement as the caps of wigs are often adjustable up to 1 inch to ensure a secure fit.

Now that you know what size wig you should wear, feel free to browser our beautiful wigs on our online store.


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