Why More and More Women Wear Wigs?

Wigs have been popularized in American society over the past few years due to use from celebrities such as Tina Turner, Diana Ross & The Supremes, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and Dolly Parton. Nowadays, wigs have been an essential part of beauty and fashion for women. However, just a few years ago that was not the case. Wigs and hair extensions were very taboo, and not something that was openly discussed. And why now people like to wear wigs?

Reason 1 Wigs protect your natural hair

Human hair wigs can be straightened, permed, dyed, colored,and bleached,which can protect your own hair from the damage of Curling irons, Straighteners, Blow dryers, Hairspray, mousse, root lifters, and heat protectors.

Reason 2 You can change your style whenever you want with wigs

We change our makeup daily, why not our hair? Wigs let you try out as many new styles as you want, whenever you want, without damaging your natural hair. So if you like to switch up your style, or if you want to test a new look before committing to it, try a wig!

Reason 3 Wearing wigs can save your time

It’s amazing how much time women spend primping, styling, fussing, and even unstyling their hair! Usually they spent an hour every day trying to style their hair. Finally they’e exhausted with the amount of time, effort, and frustration EVERY day! But now you only spend 20 mins to install your wigs and then you just 5 mins to tidy it up everyday and you’re out the door! Convenient!

Reason 4 Wearing wigs can save your money

On the one hand,Do you know that On average women spend more than $2,000 a year on styling products, haircuts, and color. Salon visits is even more expensive than a good wig. Your natural hair would be cut and styled and maintained once every 2-4 weeks in salon. If you don’t want to spend money for this, you can DIY your own wigs by buying bundles and closure/frontal. But they can cost you 300 dollars and up, which is also more difficult and expensive than wigs. On the other, now wigs are more affordable than ever. Affordhair’s aim is to provide high quality hair at most affordable price.


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